Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter.

                                                                                           Ansel Adams


They call me DOC!

My name is Kerry Hutchings and most of my friends call me "Doc".  I am originally from the West Coast of Canada from the beautiful province of British Columbia and now live in Phoenix Arizona. I have always been interested in weather and for many years I could not wait for the storms to come into Arizona.  Though we had storms in Canada I never really paid that much attention to them, which amazes me to this day., then again, those were different times and my interests were elsewhere and Auto racing was my passion.


When moving to the United States it was not for many years after living here and experiencing the more intense lightning storms here in Arizona did I start to consider going out and taking pictures.  At first I would capture some great images and then it became challenging to say the least to get into position for the storms which began to frustrate me.  I reached out to local photographers and over time I was able to position myself better ( still luck).


It was not until I watched the weather channel and began to meet fellow enthusiasts and chasers that I realized I needed to learn about weather to have a chance at better positioning which in turn would hopefully be the epic image.


So now I have taken several course and have become an Advanced Weather Spotter for the National weather service along with belonging to a group of chasers that spread out across this great nation of ours.  One organization I belong to is StormViewLive, owned an operated by a very talented and gifted young man by the name of Nathan Moore.  This amazing group of chasers and photographers, bring together a talent that a few years ago would not have been possible.


So here you have it, a crazy fun loving former Canadian who lives in the one state in our great Nation that I fondly refer to as the tourist friendly sunshine state.  Yup, I live in a desert.


Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and please join me on my crazy adventures.  Be safe.


                                   Kerry Hutchings






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